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31st May 2017
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All the Inspiration - Simply Adrift
All the Inspiration - Simply Adrift

I have had major blogging inspiration the past couple of weeks. Or maybe I should say blog inspiration, because I’ve done a whole heck load to my website rather than schedule actual content in… In fact, I really need to get onto writing more content so I don’t fall behind… Anywhooo-

The last two weeks I have been super sick with a sinus infection that has been causing me a whole ton of grief. I’m feeling a lot better now, so that’s good. But while I was feeling super ill and I wasn’t working, I updated a whole lot of things on Simply Adrift! Yay for me though because I felt like I accomplished so much.

Don’t you love it when you get through some of your to-do list and it makes you feel super organised? I was feeling so organised that I created a blogging to-do list of all of the things that I want/need to do for Simply Adrift. And wow. I just kept coming up with more and more ideas, and now my list is so much longer than it was before I had created it. Actually seeing everything in a list makes me think I might never get it done, but once I started ticking things off – it was really fun and inspiring to keep to going.

I’m pretty excited to share these changes with you!

New Weekly Newsletter

Yep! I finally tackled Mailchimp and taught myself how to create a newsletter!

This is something I’ve been meaning to do since I first started Simply Adrift, but whenever I sat down to do it, it felt like such an overwhelming task I would immediately change my mind and do something else instead. Since I had time to kill last week while I lay in bed and did nothing, tackling this was a good idea.

It took me two whole days to figure it out, I mean in my defence I was feeling super ill, and I did have to keep taking nap breaks to clear my mind. Mailchimp is easy in the sense that it’s a WYSIWYG sort of application, meaning you can drag and drop. This makes it great because I would have so much more of a hard time had I actually had to code anything too intense.

Do you guys use Mailchimp? Did you find it just a little bit confusing to set up? Would you be interested if I wrote a basic how-to set up an RSS feed newsletter with Mailchimp guide?

Like I feel like it’s not too hard, but I did have trouble. Mainly because there were no guides out there that were specific to what I wanted to do RSS feed wise. Let me know in the comments if it’s something you’re interested in! Creating my own RSS newsletter has given me blog inspiration to help out anyone who wants it!

If you want to sign up to receive a weekly newsletter with the weeks posts in it, sign up below.

Sign up to my Newsletter!

All of the Pages

I re-hauled all of my pages and re-edited a good chunk of them. Yay for new information!

I updated the content on my ‘About‘ page, new random facts about myself were added, I re-worded the about ‘The Blog’ section, I added a new section called ‘Where you’ve seen me’ which is a section where I will link to any articles that feature myself. And I added a newsletter widget at the bottom.

I re-hauled my ‘Review Policy‘. It’s still the same, as in I am currently not accepting review requests (sorry authors!). But I removed the review request information because I found authors were still sending me review requests.

I re-did my menu because I wanted a few of the main categories showing, but then added categories on the ‘On Simply Adrift’ section on the sidebar.

How’s that for blog inspiration?

Ko-Fi Coffee Link

I saw the ladies over at Of Wonderland have this nifty little ‘Buy me a coffee’ button on their blog. I checked it out and it links to this awesome website called ‘Ko-fi’, which allows people to donate the amount of a coffee to a creator if they love their work.

I thought this was such a cool idea, so I donated a coffee each to the girls at Of Wonderland (cos their blog is awesome), and then created a profile page for myself. So if you like the content here at Simply Adrift, feel free to check out the button below and buy me a coffee (I live on coffee too, or it will go towards my blogging efforts)!

Guest post on Simply Adrift!

For the biggest update, I am now looking for guest posters for Simply Adrift!

I’ve created a whole new page about this, so if you want to guest post on my blog, check it out! I may actually create a ‘ Hey! Everyone! I’m looking for guest posters!’ post in a few weeks though just to help get the word out more.

Basically, I’m looking for guest posters to add to my website and to bring new, fresh, and high quality content. The kind of content I’m looking for is along the lines of bookish themed, bookish discussions, book blogging how-to’s (How to use NetGalley or Edelwiess, how to use Goodreads in an efficient way, How to find & email publishers etc), blogging tips & tricks, blogging how-to’s.

I have a whole lot of content idea’s listed on the Guest Post page for if you think you want to guest post but you can’t think of any ideas.

The main reason I’m looking for guest bloggers is to:

  1. Get some different and high quality content on my blog,
  2. Expand my circle of blog friends.

For some reason I find it so hard to connect with a lot of bloggers, I’m not even sure why. Like I like to think of myself as lovely person, and I try and comment on as many blogs and blog content that I really love as much as I can, but sometimes I feel like I haven’t quite made that ‘connection’. If you know what I mean?

So I hope to find new blogger friends among them too! Please spread the word!

Blog Button

I’ve created a blog button (also found on the About page), so if you like Simply Adrift and like the content I post, then please feel free to put my button on your website! If you do, make sure to flick me a message. And I would like to say I really appreciate the support and I am so happy that you love my website so much!

Simply Adrift Button - books blogging lifestyle

(Click for a bigger size)


I have been getting back into instagram and took a whole bunch of new photos recently. I’ve also been dabbling in photoshop to edit them instead of apps on my phone, and I love the effect so much more!

The most recent 5 (Top 5), & 8th pic of the below photos are edited through photoshop compared to the very last 4 which were edited through apps on my phone. You can definitely tell the difference in my opinion. The light is different, as the desk I take the photos on is facing a window, but there’s no window in front of the desk, so it give the bottom edge a lot of shadows…

Follow me if you aren’t already!

Oh May

Here is a recap of my posts I’ve posted this month!

Book Reviews

I actually read these books quite a while a go, but I’ve only just gotten around to reviewing them. They were all interesting (Minus the one that I nearly gave a one star because I hated it) and I enjoyed reading them! But they also didn’t have the ‘OMFG THIS IS AMAZING’ factor. Or I’m just super bad a dolling out 5 stars…

Book Related Discussions

If you love fairytales, check out these books!

Blogging Tips

Whoop, I started a new blog series called Simply Blog! The main point of the blog series is to help newbie bloggers and to showcase tips & tricks that I have learnt.


I went to Egpyt for 10 days! It was amazing, and beautiful, and so interesting so I had to write a post about it.

Posts that want more love

These posts are posts I’ve posted this year that I feel like may have gone unnoticed because I haven’t been around… Check them out if they sound interesting! Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Around the blogosphere

Here a few blog posts that I really enjoyed reading over the past few weeks!

Kristen has tips on how to write book reviews when you don’t have much to say! << I loved reading this because I am so bad at writing book reviews, I find it so boring… So I know this may help other people when it comes to writing their reviews.

Asti shares her experience on how she keeps herself motivated to get blogging done by having a ‘blogging buddy’ << I thought this was such a cool idea! It’s definitely one surefire way to keep to your commitment.

Molly is honest about how blogging has affected her reading habits << I definitely feel I can relate. Reading has become more of a necessity since starting a book blog again. It’s the main reason I do not accept review requests, why I do not request ARC’s, and why my goal of the amount of books to read this year is pretty low. I don’t want to force myself to read books.

Nihaad from Read & Seek is looking for book bloggers for her weekly interview feature ‘A Cuppa with a Book Blogger’! See all of the information here.

Jamie reviewed the book The Names they Gave Us by Emery Lord << Her review isn’t just a typical review. She wrote an amazing letter to the author about how much the book moved her, and it was beautiful to read. I nearly shed a tear or two myself, I really just wanted to share her review with you. I’m also definitely going to read this book next because Jamie’s review really struck a chord with me.

EVERYONE is reading and reviewing A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas! It’s crazy but ACOWAR has blown up my twitter, RSS & goodreads news feed all month. Granted I’m currently reading it too, but I’m taking it slowly because I’ve decided to focus on my blog right now rather than read. Priorities may be a little skewed? Ha. Also, it’s totally intentional of Maas that I keep wanting to say ‘A Court of WAR’ right? Considering everyone’s at war…

Kei discussed reading YA as an adult << Damn can I relate. As a 27 year old that loves to read YA over the Adult genre, I have weird feelings about admitting this to other people for the fear of their judgement.

How has your May been? What have you been up to? What are you currently reading?


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6 responses to “All the Inspiration

  1. Thanks for sharing my post, lovely! <3

    I'm so glad you've got some inspiration!!! I love that feeling when you just get this surge of inspiration and you feel excited again!

  2. Whew, so much goodness packed into one post. Let me go through it once again to comment (and hope my comment doesn’t end up longer than the post itself because… well… you know me).

    I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now! Being sick sucks. But yay for it helping you get a whole lot stuff done around Simply Adrift! Sometimes it can feel good to get so much done – even if it’s not totally obvious to viewers. And really, I think those are the things that are the most important. Having great pages to capture the attention of new readers and newsletters to keep readers coming back are so important – so go you for getting things done!

    I get what you mean about the newsletter struggles. I don’t think it took me two days, but it definitely took me a bit of time because it’s not necessarily as straight-forward as it seems. While I’m happy with how I’ve got mine sorted now, I do think a post guiding others through it could be helpful – and who knows, maybe you’ll end up pointing something out that I wasn’t aware of. I usually read all your posts even if they don’t necessarily apply to me so whatever you thinks best (I make it sound like all I do is sit here and refresh your blog 800 times a day, haha).

    Bleh about authors still sending in review requests even though it states you’re not accepting them. We’ve had the same issue with Oh, the Books! so I finally took that link down a week or two ago. It seems even more silly with OtB because apart from the occasional review here and there that Kelley posts, that blog is mostly dead. I’m surprised authors are still interested in trying to promote their books there, but I guess the numbers that have stayed are enough for them and they don’t care that much about engagement? I don’t know.

    Ooh guest posting – I’ll have to think it over and see if I can come up with anything. I’m not quite sure I create quite the content you’re looking for, but you linked to my blogging buddy post (thanks for that, btw!) so surely something like that might work – maybe without the silly illustrations? Hm. Of course, my thing is I don’t feel like I’m ever actually qualified to provide tips for others so my posts are always more chatty than informative. And if you’re doing it to find new friends I’m already a friend so that’s not helpful but we’ll see!

    I do get what you mean about difficulty connecting with other bloggers though. I feel like the only connections I’ve made since starting this new blog in March are those that I already had through my previous blogs. For some reason starting new connections with people I haven’t talked to before is proving to be quite difficult. It doesn’t seem to help that many I’ve reached out to are the type that don’t really respond to comments? So it’s like I need to bust into their Twitter convos enough to get them to notice me? And that’s not quite my thing so bleh, if this guest posting thing works, let me know. (Or hey, maybe that should be a post at some point: Tips on how to make new blogger friends.)

    Love that you have a button! I actually don’t have one for my blog yet (but psh, I’m feeling a slight makeover coming myself so will probably wait for that.) I do use them in my newsletters for my shoutouts though so will be snatching yours at some point. 😀

    Your Bookstagram account is gorgeous! I am no good at flatlays (though I am starting to put a little effort into using them for my art account) so admire yours every time they pop up – and they’re so easily identifiable as yours which is quite a skill since so many people do white background flatlays. There you go, add that to another possible post in the future list: teach us newbs how to do beautiful flatlays. And yes to the Photoshop editing. I don’t use it for my photos currently but you can definitely tell a difference with yours and it looks so good!

    Okay, I think that’s mainly it. Now to click on the links you posted for other blogs around the blogosphere because I need more thought-provoking blogs to follow! (Not that none I follow already are thought-provoking, it just makes me sad when I look at my feed and see barely any discussions up!)
    Asti || atypicalnarrative recently posted…There are only three modes of treadmilling as far as I’m concernedMy Profile

  3. Aw thank for sharing my post!
    Same, I’ve stopped accepting review request for almost a year but I’m still getting them weekly which kind of makes me feel bad because I can’t accept anything, I’m currently “booked” till October but occasionally I find books I want to read so I like to have my schedule a little open to new books – and I don’t want to spam post reviews.
    Your guest post request reminded me of the “how to” netgalley post I have on my drafts and totally forgot about it!
    Kei @ The Lovely Pages Reviews recently posted…Roar by Cora CarmackMy Profile

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