You should read this YA Sci-Fi: Defy the Stars

16th June 2017
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You should read this YA Sci-Fi: Defy the StarsDefy the Stars by Claudia Gray
Series: Constellation, #1
on April 4th 2017
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
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She’s a soldier.

Noemi Vidal is seventeen years old and sworn to protect her planet, Genesis. She’s willing to risk anything—including her own life. To their enemies on Earth, she’s a rebel.

He’s a machine.

Abandoned in space for years, utterly alone, Abel has advanced programming that’s begun to evolve. He wants only to protect his creator, and to be free. To the people of Genesis, he’s an abomination.

Noemi and Abel are enemies in an interstellar war, forced by chance to work together as they embark on a daring journey through the stars. Their efforts would end the fighting for good, but they’re not without sacrifice. The stakes are even higher than either of them first realized, and the more time they spend together, the more they’re forced to question everything they’d been taught was true.

Defy the Stars by Claudia Gray Book Review - Simply Adrift

Defy the Stars is a cool YA Sci Fi with likeable characters, an amazing world, and a cute romance.

What I liked

  • The world of Defy the Stars was amazing. Humans have colonised five different planets, each reachable by a gate and all in a loop. Each world is different depending on it’s atmosphere, what it specialised in (Resort world, scientific discovery etc). The world was very detailed and I felt like I could envision it very easily – this was because the world was shown not told.
  • A scientist and creator, Burton Mansfield, has created machines called Mechs. Mechs look like humans and even have human flesh and blood, but they aren’t human. There is a Mech for each specific job and they are named for each letter of the alphabet. Charlie and George Mechs are soldier Mechs, Tare’s are doctor Mechs, so on and so forth. You can tell each Mech apart because each model looks exactly the same, all Charlie models look identical as all George models look identical. Mechs are machines and work through programming. I thought this idea was so cool.
  • I loved both of the characters. Abel is a Mech, but he is different to the other Mechs. Mansfield created him and brought him up like a son, constantly teaching him new things. Through this Abel has developed a personality and is unlike any other Mech, which come across as machines. Noemi is a human from the planet Genesis, brought up and trained as a soldier. Genesis believe all Mechs are soulless, killing machines. Noemi is fierce and strong, I really loved reading her.

What I didn’t like

  • To be honest, I really enjoyed Defy the Stars. There isn’t much I didn’t like about it. Perhaps the only thing I can think of is that Noemi was the standard do-gooder. She’s a nice person and she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but she would kill a machine which has no soul and is not human. She thought of herself as this horrible person that pushed everyone away, she had no self confidence. But as she travelled through the worlds, of course she realised she was wrong about herself. I liked Noemi but I could also see her character as a bit of a cliche.

I thoroughly enjoyed Defy the Stars. While this wasn’t mind blowing, it was a really good read and I couldn’t put it down. I definitely recommend it!


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