How I use Tailwind to maximise my Pinterest

3rd August 2017
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How to use Tailwind for Pinterest - Simply Adrift
How to use Tailwind for Pinterest - Simply Adrift

Do you know about Tailwind? If not, you need to. I wanted to share how I use Tailwind.

Tailwind is a social media scheduling platform. You can use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram. I signed up for the free Tailwind account to begin with which is a great way to figure out if you want to actually purchase Tailwind. I only signed up with my Pinterest account because I just wanted to see what it was like.

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With the free Tailwind account, you get the first 100 pins free, before you have to purchase a subscription to continue using it.

I suppose you want to know how much the plans are? Well they have this pricing page here with the details. A quick summary is below:

Plus – Great for bloggers & small businesses:

$119 per year (That’s only $9.99 per month) on an annual subscription.
– You can schedule an unlimited amount of pins per month.
– One social media account.

$15 per month.
– You can only schedule 400 pins per month on this plan. But the good thing about this one is that you can cancel the plan at anytime, so if you stop using it in 6 months time, it’s super easy to cancel without losing money.
– One social media account.

Let’s say you wanted to use Tailwind for both your Pinterest account and Instagram, or even multiple accounts, you would pay the above per account.

The Gist

I had a play around with Tailwind for my Pinterest account and found I really loved it. It makes pinning so much easier and way less time consuming. To be honest, I just don’t have time to pin, I usually forget to pin things to my Pinterest which sucks because I love sharing the awesome posts I read.

Using Tailwind made it so much easier to keep on top of pinning, and I could plan my pinning schedule for the next few weeks in one afternoon, easily. So now my Pinterest account is active all the time, rather than the one afternoon I remember to pin posts.

For this reason I recommend it. I recommend it if you always forget to pin to your profile, or you just don’t have time. If you want to start using Pinterest more then definitely give this a try.

Tailwind has it’s own youtube video on how to use it effectively, so I’ve just linked to that if you want to watch it. However, I wanted to share how I use Tailwind myself.

How I use Tailwind

To use Tailwind it you must download the browser extension. I use Chrome, so it was really simple to download it and now the Tailwind extension sits next to my address bar. This makes using Tailwind super easy.

To schedule a pin to your Tailwind, either, hover over the image you want to pin and a ‘Schedule’ button will pop up, like on the image on the left.

Or on the page you want to pin, click the Tailwind extension on your browser. The below screen will pop up. You can then choose the image/s you want to pin, then click ‘Go Schedule’.

Bulk pinning

I usually bulk pin my own blog posts to my ‘Simply Adrift’ board, on Pinterest which is a board that has every post I post on Simply Adrift. I bulk pin because I often forget to pin the posts sooner, so I will pin all of the posts on one day. I usually pin my posts to multiple boards, the first board will be the ‘Simply Adrift’ board, and then I will pin it to any other board that the post is relevant to.

Using Tailwind, if I want to bulk schedule a lot of posts, instead of scheduling them one by one, I will do something slightly different. I will pin all of the posts to my ‘Simply Adrift’ board (these pins won’t be scheduled). Then I will go to that board on Pinterest, and at that point I will click the Tailwind schedule extension button.

What this does is brings up the above screen, it will list all of the pins that are on that board. I will then choose the pins I want to schedule onto other boards and they will list on the bottom section.

TIP: All of your the pins you’ve recently pinned will be listed in the first column, not the first row (Like you would expect it to be), so scroll down to see them. They are listed in some sort of order, not randomly (Which is what I thought when I first did this).

Once you have chosen all of the pins you want to schedule, click the ‘Go Schedule’ button on the bottom right.

Scheduling Pins

You will be taken to the next screen above.

You can now choose a board to pin the pins. You can either pin them all to the same board/s by choosing the board in the below box (Which I couldn’t fit in my screenshot).

Or you can choose boards to pin them individually like I have in the image at the top of this section.

On this screen you can edit the descriptions of each pin if you wish, and choose to post them to facebook or twitter as well.

Another handy thing is that you can individually schedule them to a custom time if you wish, by clicking the clock icon on the bottom left of each pin. Otherwise you can ‘Add them to the Queue’ to have them auto-scheduled. To Schedule them all at once, click the ‘Schedule All’ button on the top right hand corner.

TIP: You can also choose the ‘Save for Later’ button if you want to add more pins and schedule them all at the same time, at another time.

What’s cool about this is that you can also pin them to more than one board! This makes it so easy if you have multiple boards the pin will be relevant for.

TIP: If you have recently created a new board, you can ‘Refresh’ your boards list so the board will pop up. See image on the right-hand side.

Now you’ve scheduled your pins for the next while! So easy and so fast!

Do you use Tailwind? Have you through about using it? Not sure if you want to? Try out Tailwind for free, you get the first 100 pins for free and then you can make a decision about purchasing a plan.

If you decide to purchase Tailwind Plus, use my code and the first month will be free – I will also get a free month of Tailwind Plus which would be awesome.

Get a month free with Tailwind!

Do you think Tailwind is something that you be useful for you and your blog? Is it worth the expense? Or do you already use Tailwind? How do you use it effectively?


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