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30th April 2017
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6 Tips on how to be more organised with your life
6 Tips on how to be more organised with your life

Do you feel like you’re not a very organised person? Are you always running late or cutting it fine? Do you always lose things? Do you want to be more organised?

When I was younger I was such a mess; I was always late, I had no sense of time, I could never find anything. As I got older I started to find ways that were more organised. In fact the habits I started to adopt were making my life so much easier. I couldn’t really understand how I had just been going along with the flow like I was for so long.

I love going along with the flow of course, but now I do it with more organisation. I’m never late, unless I sleep in. I’m a lot more tidier, except the top of my dresser. I never lose anything, unless someone else borrows it without telling me. Ergo my life is less stressful.

I have some tips on how to be more organised in your life!

Get everything ready the night before

If I have to leave early the next morning; whether it’s to the gym, work or to see friends (On the weekend of course). I always like to get my things ready the night before.

That means getting my outfit out of the closet and ready to put on. If I need to take a lunch, I already have it in a Tupperware container in the fridge. My handbag is packed with my house keys, my reading glasses and wallet already in there. Then I put anything I need to take in a neat pile at the end of my bed.

This stops me from forgetting anything, and it means I won’t be running late because I’m still trying to find things.

Have a day of the week that you do laundry – every week

I always do my laundry on the same day every week.

It’s become a routine. It works because I know that that day is a good day to wash my clothes – the clothes are dry by the beginning of the following week, I never have to fight for the washing machine, and I can easily plan my outfits around laundry day.

Put things back as soon as you’re finished using them

This is a big tip for myself.

I always put things back as soon as I’ve finished using them. This stops things getting messy, I never lose anything, and it saves me time from having to clean up later. However this is something I need to get better at – right now my room has clutter on half of the surfaces. Everything I own has a place but sometimes they’re just there in that place and not put away neatly.

Put things in the same place – always

I always put things in the same place I got it from.

Well I mean, everything I own has it’s own place. This stops me from losing things. Also, if I need to use something that I very rarely use, I will know where to find it because it’ll be in the place I always put it. Genius right? Kind of like when you get home every night, you might put your car keys on a hook on the wall.

– I always put my make up in my make up drawer set, I never leave my make up lying around my room,
– I always put my jewellery in the jewellery drawer so I never lose an earring,
– I always put my chargers beside my bed,
– I always put my Kindle on my bedside table.

I very rarely lose anything.

Throw out things you know you NEVER use

If you never use something then you should throw it out or give it away. I often give things to charity stores if they want it. To be fair I also don’t buy things so I don’t own a lot of stuff that I don’t use or need.

Check out my post on how to de-clutter your space.

Meal prep on the weekends

If I don’t meal prep my lunches on the weekend then I’m screwed for lunches at work for the whole week. Thing is, I don’t have fun cooking, so the less of it I have to do the better.

Meal prep and cooking in batches are my answer. If I’m too busy to cook my lunches for the week on the weekend, then more often than not I end up buying my lunch every day. And that drives me crazy!

I always schedule my meal prep in and make it a priority because eating well, healthily and cheaply is a priority of mine. I even cook my dinner in batches. Usually on a Monday I will cook dinner for Monday and Tuesday, then do the same on Wednesday for Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturdays I’m often out and Sundays I just wing it.

These things keep me organised and have become habits. I hope they help you view things in a different perspective! I also hope this doesn’t make me come across as a bit pedantic. Reading this over makes me feel like I’m a bit too organised ha.

I can say that not everyone I know is as organised as me! One of my flatmates is always running around the hosue trying to find something. She often can never remember where she put her phone down either. She clearly doesn’t use my trick of making sure to put everything down in the same place.

Do you feel like you could be a bit more organised in your life? Or does this sound too much for you? It’s fine if it does! All of the above has become such a habit that I don’t even notice I’m doing it.


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4 responses to “How to be more organised

  1. Haha, I don’t think you sound overly organized, but that might just be because I’m quite similar in some respects. I like everything to have a place and to be in that place whenever possible. There are times when I slack a little and don’t put things away as soon as I’m done with them, but usually the first thing I do in the morning is quickly walk through and tidy my room to fix those things because I feel it gives me a clean slate for the day.

    The planning outfits in advance thing has always been such an intriguing idea to me, but one I have difficulty believing I can do. I feel like I’m such a mood dresser. Something I like wearing the night before I may hate the following morning. Do you find that ever happens with you? Or do you just get on with it? haha.
    Asti || atypicalnarrative recently posted…Have I found my art style yet?My Profile

    • That’s a super good quality to have! I wish I were tidier, but I definitely feel like I can be lazy. So that’s how everything ends in piles on top of everything, because I’m too lazy to put it away.

      Haha I think it’s because my wardrobe and drawers aren’t organised enough for me to be able to decide what to wear on the day. Also, I definitely can be lazy. If I get everything ready the night before then that allows me to sleep in just that little bit longer. Sometime I might change what I’m wearing! But not because I don’t want to wear it anymore, usually because it doesn’t fit the weather anymore (Most often it’s because I’ve put out winter clothes and I wake up to find it’s actually going to be super sunny all day – or vice versa).
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…New Design & 2017 so farMy Profile

  2. This is awesome! I am NOT the most organized person at all…. anyway, I do try to be. However, my husband calls my organization an organized chaos. I know where I stashed things even when there doesn’t seem to be an order to things. ha ha

    I do like your tip about doing laundry the same day of the week every week. I may have to adapt that!

    • Haha I wish my mess was organised mess!

      I think the laundry thing is useful if you have flatmates too. My flatmates and I accidentally fell into the routine of doing our laundry on the same day, I started doing mine every Friday, I noticed one of my flatmates did hers every Thursday, and then my other flatmate does hers every Sunday. We kind of just work around each other.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…New Design & 2017 so farMy Profile

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