How to de-clutter your space

6th April 2017
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How to de-clutter your space and get rid of junk
How to de-clutter your space and get rid of junk

Do you ever look around your room or your house/flat and think ‘Wow. Why do I have so much stuff?’. There is definitely such a thing as having too many things. Yet it is so easy to feel like everything you own is making a whole lot of unnecessary clutter! Do you ever think that maybe you should de-clutter your space?

Half the time you keep that clutter because you think you need it, or if you haven’t used it in a while you think you might use it one day. This is a surefire way to have everything build up and before you know you just have so much stuff everywhere.

If you feel like you keep a lot of clutter I have a few tips for you to help de-clutter your space.

If it’s broken and you can’t fix it, throw it

There is absolutely no reason you need to keep something that’s broken! If you can’t use it and can’t fix it then why do you still have it? I know you might think you have sentimental value with it but to be honest, when you die, it will be thrown out anyway, because it’s broken – unless it’s a family heirloom of course. So why waste the space keeping it. Is that too harsh? But seriously, think about it.

If you haven’t worn it in 6 months – throw it/give it away

Clothes are so hard to throw out, trust me, I know. But if you haven’t worn it in six months or a year even, then give it away. Take them to a charity shop. There’s a high chance you won’t wear it again if it’s been that long, so it’s taking up this unnecessary space.

And you know what? Once you’ve gotten rid of those clothes you’ll feel refreshed and your wardrobe will look tidy again.

You don’t need souvenirs – Keep a diary instead

Okay, okay so this one sounds a bit absurd. I mean everyone I know gets souvenirs from places they travel to. Even I used to collect key rings, but that ended up in me having a lot of key rings, no use for them, and no where to put them. Half of those souvenirs broke and I ended up throwing or giving most of them away anyway. Why did I need it? Those souvenirs actually did not remind me of the place I had been, and I had bought it at an over priced souvenir shop.

My friend used to collect shot glasses of every place she went to, she then moved house and half of those shot glasses accidentally got smashed, she didn’t have room for the other half so kept some of them and gave away the others.

Instead of buying souvenirs, I like to keep a diary or a journal of my travels. This reduces the amount of junk you own! I used to write a diary whenever I would go places and write down my thoughts and feelings and what I got up to. These days I actually keep a photo journal and keep all of the photos of the places I went to in it, sometimes I write notes, if I can be bothered. This means I still have these memories to remind myself of the places I’ve been and the things I did there, and I don’t have this unnecessary clutter. I highly recommend it.

You don’t need two of that one thing

Do you ever buy two of something thinking you’re saving yourself time later when you run out of the first thing and have to go and buy it again? I used to do this all the time for some reason. But in actuality that’s just silly. Sometimes I would decide I didn’t like the brand and end up not using the second item and giving it to someone else. What a waste of space and money.

Throw out empty bottles

My flatmate is notorious for keeping empty bottles in the bathroom. She says she’s really bad at throwing them out because she’s sure there is still product she could get out of it. I secretly throw them away when they’re super light and I highly doubt she could get anything else out anyway. She never notices. Probably because she hasn’t picked that bottle up in weeks…

Does anyone else do this? Just throw out the bottle! Cut it open and scoop out the tiny bit of product still in there, then throw it. Recycle it. Do whatever. You don’t need it. Don’t waste space keeping it.

Don’t wait for a special occasion to use something

How many things have you kept like a bottle of wine/bubbles, a packet of fancy chocolate or anything of the sort, for a ‘special occasion’? Stop it! It will go off and you’ll never eat or drink it! I did this and when I tried to drink the bubbles it tasted horrible because it turns out it had expired the year before. I was not happy. Who knew champagne expires? I didn’t. But it does people, if you didn’t know this already, Champagne EXPIRES.

If you get given something nice, have it and enjoy it! Save some space. That ‘special occasion’ may never come because it might not feel ‘special’ enough for that particular item.

Are you notorious for keeping everything you ever buy? Or do you try and only keep the things that you use?

If you feel like you need to clear out your house, you should! You can donate all of the things you don’t need anymore once you de-clutter your space.


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6 responses to “How to de-clutter your space

  1. Oh goodness, clothes! So hard! What I like to do is go through my closet every few months, put crap in a bag and store it in the garage. If a couple months go by and I still haven’t thought about anything in the bag, I donate it. I do that because one time I got rid of some things I never wore then suddenly my style changed and I needed like 3 things from that bag >.< hahahah Just playing it safe.

    My problem is my husband and I definitely collect. We have a lot of funkos, action figures, other fandom related things. We're both into DIFFERENT things too, so it's like double the collectibles haha. We'll prob have to dedicate an entire wall to just all of the stuff (some of it is packed away). It really makes no sense to hold on to EVERY piece.
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook recently posted…Bookstagram: Then & Now + TipsMy Profile

    • Ohh that’s a really good idea! I’ve totally done the same thing, given away clothes I thought I would never wear again because I haven’t worn them in a long time. But then all of a sudden I wanted to wear them and realised I had already given them away. It was probably because I had seen them recently and they were on my mind.

      Haha aw no, yeah I can imagine that would be hard to keep your space clear if you both collect and collect from different fandoms. I think it would be really cool to have a ‘collectables’ wall!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Revenger: A solid Sci-FiMy Profile

    • I’m so bad at making my space cluttered! I don’t even understand how it happens, but I just put things on top of things and then there’s a pile of things on everything. I really need to keep on top of it otherwise my space gets really messy really fast.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…How to be more organisedMy Profile

  2. De-cluttering my house is one of my goals for 2017. I still have stuff in boxes in the garage from when I moved 9 years ago, lol. I love the idea of keeping a travel journal instead of buying souvenirs! It’s economical and doesn’t pile on the clutter!

    • Haha aw no! I guess because you haven’t used or touched the things in those boxes you can outright just give them away or donate them etc! Clearly you don’t need them lol. That was one thing I was always bad for, my wardrobe was full of mess so I never used it. Then one day I cleared it out and probably gave away everything because I didn’t need it or use it. It was super refreshing!

      Yeah 🙂 I really like the idea because it’s something I can look back on or show my kids in the future etc and it doesn’t take up much room.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…How to write kick-ass content for your blogMy Profile

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