How to get into a Gym Routine

18th August 2017
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How to get into a gym routine - Simply Adrift
How to get into a gym routine - Simply Adrift

Do you ever feel like you can never get into a routine with the gym? Honestly, me too. Sometimes I fall out of my routine and then have to work really hard to get back into it. They say it takes three weeks to get into a routine, I’m not sure if that’s true, but it seems like a long enough time to commit to. If you can do it for three weeks, then you won’t want to stop.

Exercising is really important, it helps with multiple things. Not just your physical health, but also your mental health. There are so many good reasons to exercise and to go to the gym, if you’re feeling down then I recommend you take up the gym. Get into a gym routine, honestly, exercise feels amazing afterwards and you feel so good for doing it. Yes, it’s hard to get there, but once you do, it’s great.

When I fall out of my gym routine, I notice a decline in my happiness. I feel sadder, I’m always tired, and I’m lazy. So I’m always trying to push myself to get to the gym, not just for the physical benefits but for the mental benefits too.

I wanted to share some things I do to get into a gym routine.

Go to classes

I love going to classes at the gym. To be honest if I don’t go to classes then I definitely do not work as hard out as I would like to, I don’t break much of a sweat if I go in and do weights or cardio by myself. So booking myself in classes really helps me get the most out of my gym membership and I work out hard. Also I work out more often because I’ve called them and booked myself in so I actively have to go.

Go to the gym at the same time every day

I’m really lucky where my work is one road over from a gym that my gym membership covers, and they cater to people that work business hours and only have a certain amount of time for lunch. So I usually go to the gym 4-5 times a week during my lunch break. I always do the classes and try to mix it up so I’m working out different areas of the body etc.

Going at the same time everyday has really gotten me into a routine because I never think there is something better I could be doing, going to the gym is what I usually do. I do try and go to the gym before or after work but half the time that falls through because it’s not as often and I always feel like I could be doing something else with my time which is a BAD way to think about exercising.

If you can get into a routine of going the same time every day/week and plan the rest of your life around that, I know this will help. Prioritise the gym!

Go with a gym buddy

When I first started going to the gym I hated going by myself, to gain my confidence my friend and I started going together. We found we were more likely to go to the gym if someone else was relying on us to turn up. I very rarely missed a gym session with her because I hate letting people down – This was a great way to get into a routine and to get used to fitting exercise into my schedule.

We also pushed each other further, I worked out harder with her than I did on my own because she made me. She made me up the weights a little higher, she made me do 5 more reps, she made me run on the treadmill for 10 minutes. Going with a gym buddy motivates you more and you get more done. Just be prepared to be just as much of a hard-ass back to her.

You don’t need to get up early – go in your lunch break

If you’re like me and hate getting up earlier than you deem necessary – Go in your lunch break at work! Talk to your boss, maybe they will let you have a slightly extended lunch break if you go into work slightly earlier or leave slightly later to cover that time. This would only work if your membership is close to your work however.

Going to the gym in my lunch break is a given for me. I just can’t get up early enough to go in the mornings, and I’m too tired to go after work. So I’m lucky I have my gym near my work. When I change jobs, it will be hard to give up this little luxury.

Never go home before you go to the gym

If you go to the gym after work, never go home before you go to the gym. Just go straight to the gym from work to do your workout.

I always find that if I go home first to drop my stuff off or to change into my gym gear, more often than not I never make it back out again. If I bring my gym gear to work with me and then go straight to the gym after work, it works so much better and I feel so much better for it after the workout.

If you know you won’t go back out to go to the gym, then plan for that and take your gym gear with you to work.

Get a PT

Paying for a personal trainer is worth it. If you’re serious about getting fit and losing weight, you need to invest in yourself and invest in a PT.

I paid for a personal trainer the first 6 months I started going to the gym because I wasn’t confident using the weights by myself. Thing is, my friend and I actually paid for a double session so it was cheaper than paying full price – TOP TIP. This really worked because we were constantly in competition with each other and trying to get the other to work out harder.

The PT helped out with our form and technique and then pushed us when we wanted to die (Which was every session -Ha). He also made a nutrition plan for us which was very helpful and is something I still use now even though I don’t pay for the PT anymore.

I think if you can find a PT within your price range that you get along with, they really will make a difference with your confidence and also your routine. I mean you definitely don’t want to waste money on a PT by not working out enough when you don’t have a session with them! I used to work out 5-6 times a week when I paid for a PT, and only two of those sessions were with the PT.

If you invest in a PT, you’re investing your time as well. Don’t waste your money, go hard or go home, as they say.

If you gym in the morning, get everything ready the night before

If the only time you have to work out is before work, then I’m sorry, that sounds horrible to me. If you actually like working out in the morning then yay! I wish I had that mindset!

I recommend to make it easier on yourself in the morning, get everything ready the night before. Get your gym clothes out, pack your gym bag, even get your food out and ready so you can get up and eat straight away etc. Meaning when you wake up you only have to do minimal effort to walk out the door and down to the gym.

These are things I’ve used to help get myself into a gym routine, I hope they help you too!

Do you go to the gym? D you enjoy it? Do you feel amazing afterwards? What other tips do you have that gets you out to the gym?


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8 responses to “How to get into a Gym Routine

  1. I always thought working out would make me tired all day, but in reality it energises me and then helps me sleep soundly at night. When I don’t work out I feel tired and lethargic all day long then it takes me forever to fall asleep!

    A big thing for me was having a gym nearby. That makes it so much easier to commit to going, even if I’m feeling lazy. I’m very lucky though because there’s a gym in my apartment building. It doesn’t have all the equipment I’d like but it’s so convenient and that wins out. My husband and I are actually in the process of buying a house then I’ll be building a home gym – I’m so excited!!

    • Me too! I thought exercising often would make me tired all the time too. I also get way more energy when I’m working out. Sometimes I am really tired, but I still feel great because I worked out. You’re right about getting a better nights sleep. I often fall asleep straight away now.

      That’ll be so cool having a home gym! A couple of my friends have home gyms in their house, I always thought I would be less inclined to work out in my home, but they say they work out more often now instead. And they have more time in the day because they don’t have to travel far etc.

      Do you and your husband work out together?
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…How to fall in love with readingMy Profile

  2. I think getting a work out buddy is a great idea. I’m still in high school, so I don’t go to the gym, but I live swimming and hiking and yoga, but I also don’t enjoy doing those alone. It’s hard for me to find a buddy though, considering I’m asthmatic and I can’t do typical cardio exercises that most people do, like running, oh well, one day! Awesome list!
    Erin @ The Book Archive recently posted…The Hammer of Thor by Rick RiordanMy Profile

    • That’s cool that you hike! Definitely keep that up as you’re older lol. I’m an asthmatic too! And I hate cardio with a passion because of it. But you can work around it, I’m trying to figure out if being fitter means less asthma attacks. I definitely think it helps.
      I do work out a lot with weights rather than cardio though, I fit in only about 15 minutes of cardio a day, so running, the elliptical, or the rowing machine, and then the rest of my workout is all weight machines, free weights, and mat work.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Books I love to recommendMy Profile

  3. Lol I’m not a very gym girl, because I’m pretty self conscious of the fact that I’m NOT fit XD. However, I did try Pilates for a few months, from last November to February. I found that I quite enjoyed the torture. The class was of about 8 people max so I didn’t feel so nervous, and I did persuade a friend to go with me so I wasn’t alone in the torture. Right now I’m not going because my schedule is simply impossible, but I agree so much with the point about going home first. I went to my college classes in the mornings and then went straight to pilates after. And it actually feels better that way. Going home and showering is like a reward!
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  4. emma

    Thanks for these tips! This post comes at just the right time for me as I just bought a new gym membership and am trying get in the habit of working out regularly. I have kinda a weird question for you: when you workout during your lunch break, what do you do about your hair? Do you shower and leave it wet? Or take the time to dry it? Or not shower at all? I know it’s a random question, haha, but I feel like my hair gets so sweaty at the gym and it’s inappropriate for the office. But it’s long and thick and takes forever to dry with a blowdryer, and I don’t have that long of a lunch break. I love the idea of working out during lunch, so any ideas would be appreciated!

    • I hope your new gym membership is going well!

      When I work during my lunch break, I have the quickest shower ever, but I don’t wash my hair. I pin it up afterwards and it seems to look fine, my hair is naturally curly which I leave as natural. So it’s really easy to put a quick blow dry through it (To dry the sweat), pin it up (So it’s half up, half down), get water and scrunch the ends so it curls again instead of looking like a mess. I’ve gotten used to wearing my hair this way, so it takes only a minute to do all of this.

      I think figuring out some good hairstyles that will hide the sweaty mess would be the way to go about it! I guess this also depends on the type of work you do, and what your office is like (If you work in an office that is). My office is semi-corporate, so it’s not super smart, most women dress smart casual so I can get away with a bit of messy hair.
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