How to write kick-ass content for your blog

18th April 2017
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How to Write Kick-ass Content for your blog >> Simply Adrift
How to Write Kick-ass Content for your blog >> Simply Adrift

Do you get writers block when you’re trying to write posts for your blog? Do you think of an idea but once you have it down in writing you suddenly realise the post strays from the point? Do you ever wonder if the blog post you’re writing isn’t good quality? Do you ever want to write kick-ass content for your blog?

Well I thought I would explain what I do when I’m writing my blog content. And I immediately feel like I need a bit of a disclaimer here:

Disclaimer: I’m not saying I have amazing quality content, I do try, but everyone has there own opinions on what they think makes good quality posts. And even if you don’t follow these tips this in no way means your content is not good quality! This is only my opinion.

When I write my posts I find I usually do these things automatically now, I like to think I’ve picked this up over the years of running a few different blogs and reading other people’s blogs. There are things that I know I personally don’t like to see when I’m reading someone else’s content so I’ve automatically taught myself to stay away from those things.

My tips to writing better quality content

1. Brainstorm

Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!

If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas; brainstorm ideas. Once you find an idea that rings true with you; brainstorm that one idea. Once you have your idea with the main points you wish to discuss; brainstorm how you could further extend that idea. Any extension you think of could lead on to another post that relates to your first post, and lo-and-behold you may find yourself with a discussion series! You’re welcome.

2. Ask yourself questions

As you’re writing the post, keep asking yourself:

What is this post about? | Who do I want to read this? | What am I trying to show/teach/discuss? | What are my main points? | What is unnecessary and should I remove it? | Why do I want to write this post?

This may help you from straying from your points so you stick to the topic and focus. I mean at the end of the day, if you find you have multiple points, break up the points and write multiple posts!

3. Think about all of the possible POV’s

There is always more than one side to a story, just as there is also more than one opinion on one topic.

So if you broaden your thoughts to how else your idea could be taken or construed; it may open up your discussion and help you articulate your idea even further. Of course don’t get too crazy! Sometimes it’s better to only be aware of the other POV’s for your idea rather than to include them in the post its self. Too much information could make the post too long or confusing to read.

4. Be clear, concise and obvious

The whole point to a good quality post, in my opinion, is that:

  • The point is clear.
  • The content is concise.
  • And it’s obvious what your words are saying.

You want your readers immediately to know what your post is about, and then you want to expand on that to explain the post. You want to help your readers in some way, or you want your post to start a discussion between them. Make sure the point your making is obvious to your readers and the way your writing it is straight to the point!

5. The length is important

In my opinion I think the length of a post is important.

A post that is too short isn’t informative enough nor is it engaging. But a post that is too long isn’t clear enough and doesn’t make it’s point. Of course it all depends on the topic, the points being made and the type of readers you are writing for! I find my list posts like this post tend to be more wordy. But because they’re broken up into points, it’s okay.

My point is you don’t want your content way too short that it doesn’t make an impact, or way too long that the reader doesn’t finish reading it. Take this with a grain of salt and apply it to your niche, readers, content and goals.

6. Structure the post

How your post looks is also important. You don’t want a wall of text that just doesn’t stop, and neither do you want so much white space that the thought flow seems stunted and confusing to read. You want somewhere in between.

Think about adding sub-headings and images to break up the wall of text.

7. Have a catchy title

The title of your blog post can go a long way in making someone want to read your post. Make it catchy! Make it funny! Ask a question! But most importantly make sure the title focuses on the point of your post. My biggest pet peeve is reading a title of a blog post only to find out the content of that post isn’t exactly what I was expecting when I read the title.

TIP: If you can’t think of a title then maybe you’re not sure what you want your post to be about.

I often see blog post titles and think ‘If only that were a catchier title’ or ‘If only they asked me the question instead of stating it’ or ‘They could have had so much fun with that title!’. Go with the flow and use your imagination! Post titles can be creative.

8. Put your sense of humour into it

I love it when I’m reading a blog post and the bloggers sense of humour shines through! It makes it so much fun reading the post, because not only am I gleening information from it, I’m also learning how the blogger thinks. It makes you more relateable to your readers. Also, it looks like the blogger had a lot of fun writing the post themselves.

So write your post and have fun talking to your readers!

So there they are. My tips on how to write kick-ass content for your blog. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful!

Do you agree with my points? Do you have other points you think makes good quality content? What do you personally do to write kick-ass content?


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9 responses to “How to write kick-ass content for your blog

  1. Love this! Very good points 🙂 I try to find a sweet spot with length. Is it too long and wordy people might end up skimming it? Or is it too short and doesn’t go into enough detail to make sense? It’s usually a case-by-case thing since each topic is different! I also TRY to bring my “humor” into it but I’m a pretty straight forward person when trying to explain things to people so that’s actually kind of hard for me >.< hahah
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook recently posted…6 Ways To Speed Up Your Blog (Easy & Techy Methods)My Profile

    • Finding the length in posts can be hard! Sometimes I write for days and realise I definitely need to split up the post otherwise it’s a novel. I definitely agree that it depends on the topic and is most likely a post-by-post basis.

      I think your humour and personality are all through your posts Molly! It’s one of the reasons I love reading your content 😀 You sound unique and fun. I wish I were funnier so I could include more humour into mine haha. I feel like I’M straightforward so I have a hard time mixing it up lol.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…How I fell in love with readingMy Profile

  2. That brainstorming thing is honestly one of the best recommendations for any blogger. I think oftentimes bloggers feel like they have nothing to say but if you just choose a topic you like and create a mind map – just letting your mind make connections from one thing to another – there is SO much that tends to pop up.

    Since my posts tend to be mostly inspired by personal thoughts/experiences, I tend to keep a page open in my OneNote app on my laptop/iPhone for inspiration. Anytime something happens that I think “hey, I think this would be fun to draw/talk about/share”, I quickly type a few notes in there. Then when I’m ready to write there’s 800 options to pull from. (The other nice thing about that is it encourages my mind to look out for the fun things that happen in my day. Instead of having a good time and forgetting it, I write it down to create a moment out of later – win win!)

    I think the length/structure is the thing I struggle the most with. As you can even tell just by my comments, I’m a rambler. I can very easily just create a huge wall of text without thinking if I’m not careful. That’s part of the reason I’ve moved into making my blog somewhat illustration-focused. At least then I can doodle some things and plop them in to make things more exciting and if for some reason readers can’t be bothered reading my text, they can still get the gist of some of it via the illustration. (Headers are hit and miss with me so far.)

    I’ve never thought about that third one, other possible PoVs. That actually inspires me a little. It would be fun to take some of my posts and flip them from the other side.
    Asti || atypicalnarrative recently posted…Have I found my art style yet?My Profile

    • Haha I wish I was a rambler! Sometimes I really struggle to leave long enough comments and it makes me feel bad! So I definitely wish I had more of that.

      That’s a really good idea about using OneNote. I do the same with Evernote, and now I have like a bazillion ideas written down so I should never actually run out of posts lol. It’s just having the time to write them all.

      For some reason, I’m really big on figuring out what the other POV of the situation is. So I usually understand all sides of a story and I can never really commit to just one side of it. Sometimes it really annoys me friends because if they’re complaining about something I always tend to think like “Well this person probably did that because they’re feeling like this, due to this reason. So I can see why that happened.” …
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…New Design & 2017 so farMy Profile

      • I’ve actually had tons of people recommend Evernote but for some reason when I tried it I just didn’t like it. Probably because I’ve used OneNote first? (I actually even wrote a post on it at my previous blog to recommend it to others, though how I use it is slightly different these days: Bookish Thoughts: Blog Organization with Microsoft OneNote.

        That’s a great skill to have with the PoV thing. It’s funny you give that example because I do feel like that’s something I’m really working on hard these days – trying to not let the actions of others bother me as much by attempting to understand their PoV. I think it’s easy at times to just automatically focus on the effect someone is having on you instead of attempting to understand the cause. It definitely takes me time to change that perspective, but it’s one of the best things I’ve been working on this year, I think. (Though yes, sometimes I still like to whine about the effect ;))
        Asti || atypicalnarrative recently posted…Motivation, that elusive beast… until you find a friend at least!My Profile

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