My Favourite Sci-Fi TV Shows

7th November 2016
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My Favourite Sci Fi TV Shows >> Simply Adrift
My Favourite Sci Fi TV Shows >> Simply Adrift

It’s Sci-Fi month! Check out all of the information on Sci-Fi month here.

I’ve already shared my favourite Sci-Fi books, Sci-Fi books I just couldn’t get in to & movies. Now I wanted to share my favourite Sci-Fi TV shows, or at least the Sci-Fi shows that I’ve enjoyed watching.

I love Sci-Fi movies, but what I love about Sci-Fi TV shows is that you get to love the TV show for seasons and possibly years with new episodes coming out. I love that you get a new episode every week and a new seasons every year with new characters entering etc.

I’ve got to be honest, I feel like they’ve slowed down making Sci-Fi shows now. Sci-Fi definitely isn’t as popular as it was back in the 80’s-90’s but whenever they release a new TV series I get so excited! I also get sad when they cancel a show for not getting high enough ratings, it’s especially sad when I was actually enjoying the show…

So here are my favourite TV shows.

Fav Sci-Fi TV

Andromeda >> Simply AdriftStar Trek >> Simply AdriftKilljoys >> Simply Adrift


When I was probably like ten, I remember watching the first episode of this show but then never seeing another episode because I couldn’t remember what TV channel it was on or what day and time etc. Then years later I tried re-find this show by googling the plot of the episode I saw, and lo-and-behold it was Andromeda.

I re-watched this whole series and oh my gosh I love this series so much! I loved Kevin Sorbo in it, mainly becuase I grew up watching him play Hercules, and fell in love with all of the characters. Although to be honest I definitely had a crush on Telemachus Rhade, I had never even heard of Steve Bacic before this show. My favourite character was Trance, I thought she was so cool, I always check back to see what the actor Laura Bertram is doing now.

Star Trek

I watched the TV show Star Trek on and off during my childhood, I thought it was pretty cool. I’m pretty sure this show introduced me to Sci-Fi and how cool it could be. But to be honest I still haven’t finished watching all of the Star Trek shows.


Now Killjoys is here mainly because I might be running out of Sci-Fi TV shows that I actually love. I enjoy Killjoys a lot, I’ve started watching season 2 but I haven’t gotten very far into it yet, it feels like the dynamic of season 2 isn’t that much different to season 1. So it makes it feel a bit predictable.

However, I flew through season 1 when I was watching it because I was really enjoying it.

Stargate: SG1 >> Simply AdriftStargate: Atlantis >> Simply AdriftStargate: Universe >> Simply Adrift

Stargate: SG1 & Stargate: Atlantis & Stargate: Universe

I loved watching Stargate: SG1 as a kid. My mum and I would watch it religiously every week. I was sad when it ended, but then a few years later I realised they were still making Stargate! Just not SG1. So it was exciting getting to watch all of the spin-off shows.

I liked Atlantis because it was really different to SG1 but at the same time it was similar with the alien threat etc. I loved the wraith and the obstacle’s the caused, it almost reminded me of Andromeda and the Magog. Also Atlantis was pretty cool, I loved the idea that Atlantis was actually a far off world that you could travel to via a stargate and had futuristic technology.

Now Universe was pretty epic. Finding a stargate on an alien ship that’s forever travelling further and further past the edges of the Universe and mapping them? So freaking cool!

As I love space this was nearly my favourite Stargate. I say ‘nearly’ because the storyline was majorly lacking, there was so much more potential to this show, but in the end the storyline was so lacking that the show got cancelled. And Season 2 finished with a MASSIVE cliffhanger I might add! I reckon had they been able to carry on with Season 3, Season 3 would have really picked up it’s game. Now we will never know what the storywriters had planned. Which is preeeetty annoying.

Dark Matter >> Simply AdriftThe Expanse >> Simply Adrift

Dark Matter

Dark Matter is another show that I haven’t really finished the latest season. However the premise is really interesting and I want to keep watching it. I do have to mention though that half of the characters are incredibly annoying, especially the teenage girl. The writers seem to think that all she can do is been angsty and angry at everyone, her character is so boring, she’s pretty much just there to make everyone else feel guilty. Ick.

The Expanse

I have to admit that I haven’t finished season 1 of The Expanse yet… But I was enjoying it while I was watching it! I definitely have to admit that it’s a bit confusing (Mainly because I have no freaking idea whats going on- so I guess I’m really confused?) but I want to keep watching to see how the story unravels. I may have also skim-read the book this show is based off of, and absolutely hated it. But the TV show is probably really different.

So there is a list of shows I’ve enjoyed watching over the years. Thre are Sci-Fi TV shows that I haven’t even touched base on because I haven’t watched that many episodes like Falling Skies, Defiance & Continuum. I just felt like those aren’t the show that I’ve really enjoyed.

Personally I like the Sci-Fi shows that came out in the early 2000’s a lot more than the ones being released now. I feel like the stories and the characters were a lot more interesting in the the earlier shows, perhaps the shows were more character driven rather than action driven. Which is what I feel like the Sci-Fi shows nowadays are more.

What are your favourite Sci-Fi TV shows? Do you like the old school Sci-Fi shows or the more newer ones?


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11 responses to “My Favourite Sci-Fi TV Shows

  1. I like Star Trek TOS a lot even though it’s silly by today’s standards (the presentation obviously- I still think some of the stories hold up). I’m not as fond of the later iterations although some are good. Kirk and Spock (their relationship) makes that show. Killjoys I keep hearing I need to try, so that’s on my list. I’ve never seen the Stargates although Atlantis appeals to me (love that concept too) and also Universe- I think I read that the Stargate people are the same ones behind the Dark Matter show?

    Speaking of- Dark Matter is the bomb! Although it does have some problems I just like the premise a lot. I kinda agree about the girl she can of course hack ANYTHING on 0.5 seconds lol so yeah, although I like her a little more than you do. Four irritates me too (the katana guy), I mean really all this tech and they use swords? Yawn. The Expanse I have no interest in the book and the first few eps were confusing to me too- I may watch the rest though.

    I liked Continuum although it could be hit or miss. My favorite show is 12 Monkeys (the show, not the movie). 12 Monkeys is awesome.
    Greg recently posted…Cover Characteristics Prehistoric SettingsMy Profile

    • I really like Spock! I also actually really like Zachary Quinto as Spock as well.

      Oh.My.Gosh. You haven’t watched ANY of the Stargates?!?!?! 😮 You MUST watch them!! Love, love, love them! I keep hoping they will make another Stargate series with a different premise… but I don’t know what else they could do.

      I’m really trying to get into Dark Matter season two, but as of right now I haven’t watched more than one episode haha. I feel like the characters are just playing characters and specific stereotypes or I guess they’re trying to be so different.

      Ohh I haven’t heard of 12 Monkey’s, I’ll have to check it out!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…My Favourite Sci Fi MoviesMy Profile

  2. I love Stargate Atlantis, but I always feel like it had such wasted potential. I would have loved to have seen way more episodes on Atlantis itself, rather than out on other planets, and more episodes exploring what it was like to be cut off from Earth. I only managed a few episodes of Universe before giving up on it, but I’ll probably try it again at some point (if only for the episode with Rodney McKay!).
    Lorraine recently posted…Read Last Week (30 October – 05 November)My Profile

  3. I feel like there is still a lot of SF being made for TV, but maybe not on the epic size in terms of episodes like Star Trek etc.

    I’d not heard of Killjoys until the other day, when Lisa reviewed it, and now you’ve mentioned it! May have to investigate… As The Expanse has just come to Netflix I plan on starting it soon when I’ve finished some other series.

    As it’s not on your list, and it’s 2000s, I highly recommend Firefly 😀
    Rinn recently posted…Sci-Fi Month 2016: My Top SF Novels of 2016My Profile

  4. Killjoys is on my to-watch list! I actually just finished The Expanse over the weekend and loved it. I liked the first book in The Expanse series for the same reason I liked the show though: Detective Miller. I will admit that the show IS unnecessarily confusing. I read the series and I was even having a hard time figuring out what was going on!

  5. Great list. I was an especially huge fan of SG-1 (although I consider seasons 9&10 to be an unofficial spin-off). Voyager was my favorite ST. And Tyr Anasazi is one of the only really muscle bound characters I’ve ever found attractive.

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