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9th March 2016
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Welcome to Simply Adrift: The New Book Blog
Welcome to Simply Adrift: The New Book Blog

Welcome to my new book blog Simply Adrift!

I’m Jordon, a 26 year old New Zealander living in busy old London, and loving it. I love to read, love to discuss books and love to see new places.

After a year of trying to decide when I would start a self-hosted blog, I woke up one day and thought ‘Today is the day’, and within 24 hours I had bought a domain name, paid for hosting and started Simply Adrift.

I plan on making this a book blog where I can discuss my opinions on books and book related things. For example book series turned into tv shows or movies. I also have a lot of ideas for book bloggers and will be posting tips on book blogging and blogging in general.
I’ve run a few blogs before, one a book blog which I kept for three years before life got too busy and I needed to take a break. That break just happened to be a ‘forever-gone-from-this-blog’ break. The second blog was purely a personal travel blog for friends and family, so they could see where I was travelling and what I was doing when I backpacked around Europe for three months.

Why I wanted to start a new blog.

New Blog - I heart booksI love to blog and I like to write, I love to read and I like to discuss books, I love having my own corner of the internet. I’ve wanted to have a self-hosted blog for years, but I kept putting it off because having a blog is a huge commitment, and these days my life is pretty busy. However, I decided that this was something that I wanted to do and something I had been wanting to do for a very long time.

Now I’ve done this, I have made a commitment and that’s something I plan on sticking to. I’m excited to meet new people that are interested in the same things I am!

I love discussing the books I’ve read, and quite simply there aren’t a lot of people I know that like to read the books I read. This will be the place where I put down my thoughts and opinions and hopefully find people with similar tastes as me.

Why ‘Simply Adrift’?

I had been trying to come up with a name that meant something to me for a long time. Every name I came up with however just didn’t stick, or didn’t sound right to me. To be honest I started to feel like I had gotten stuck in the loop where nothing was ever going to be good enough. So I stopped. I stopped trying to think of a name, I decided to let this idea go for a while and live my life. It just so happens that it took me three months of not thinking about blogging before I woke up one day and went ahead and made a new blog.

For me, the name ‘Simply Adrift’ aligns with me right now. Right now in my life I feel like I’m simply adrift the journey of my life, I feel a bit lost and feel like I have no direction or purpose. I don’t know what I want to be doing with my life, I don’t know what I want to aim for – except happiness, and happiness is quite a broad idea – I don’t know what makes me happy. I’m simply just enjoying where I am right now and hoping to explore options.

This blog will be one of those options.

Why a new book blog?

It was just easier to set up a completely new blog, instead of trying to transfer my old one over from the free platform. This way I am starting anew and can go in any direction I want to.

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Please check about my Start Here! page if you want to find out more about me or Simply Adrift or my Contact page if you would like to get in contact with me.

You can find me on:

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Goodbye for now,
Jordon x

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