October in Review

31st October 2016
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Monthly Wrap Up >> Simply Adrift
Monthly Wrap Up >> Simply Adrift

October flew by so fast! I guess I feel like it because I was in New Zealand for two and a half weeks and then I was sick the week after I got back. So it’s only the last week of October that I’ve really had any routine.

It’s finally getting colder! I thought I would be sad about this since I love summer so much, but is it weird that I’m suddenly really excited for it to be really cold? I guess I’m looking forward to being warm in my house and not feel guilty to stay in bed all weekend blogging or reading haha.

I’m also looking forward to having an excuse to make hot chocolates and buy more hot drinks… I’m really going to need to keep up gonig to the gym this winter by the sounds of it…

Here are what posts I’ve posted this month. Check them out and leave me a comment!

Book Reviews

  1. [4 Oct] - Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan
  2. [10 Oct] - Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  3. [13 Oct] - Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas
  4. [20 Oct] - The Rose & the Dagger by Renee Ahdieh
  5. [27 Oct] - Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie

Book Related Discussions

  1. [7 Oct] - The struggle of being a bookworm & living abroad

Blogging Tips

  1. [17 Oct] - Why I schedule my blog posts in advance
  2. [24 Oct] - What makes you WANT to read a book blog?

What to expect in November

November is Sci Fi month! Hosted by Rinn Reads. I love everything Sci-Fi related so I definitely have to participate in this. To find out more about it check out Rinn’s page about it.

Sci-Fi Month hosted at Rinn Reads

I have quite a few Sci-Fi posts planned this month so I’m super excited to talk Sci-Fi for a whole month!

What I’ve been up to

I went back home to New Zealand at the beginning of August for a short two week holiday. My cousin was getting married in Melbourne, so I visited home first and saw as many friends and family a possible which was really nice. And then I flew to Melbourne for my cousins wedding. The wedding was so beautiful and it was really nice getting to see all of my family there. A lot of that side of the family live in different countries so I don’t get to see half of them much at all.

I got back home to London the other week only to fall super sick and not be able to leave the house for another week. I spent that whole week blogging and watching netflix haha.

From the Blogosphere

I feel like I’ve gone a bit overboard this month haha. But there were so many awesome posts!

Check out the cool content I found around the blogosphere below:

Book Blogging

Puput explains how book blogging changed the way she reads
Krysta shares how book bloggers can promote literacy

Book Discussions

Ashleigh wonders if romance is a necessary plot in every book to enjoy a book
Cup of Tea with that Book Please wonders who is responsible for the closing of bookstores
Puput discusses the struggle of being an international bookworm
Kourtni has tips on how to cut down your goodreads TBR shelf
Kourtni discusses what counts as a spoiler
Molly discusses her 7 favourite literary bad guys 
Cassidy differentiates the different reading methods 
Julia shares tips on figuring out if you really need to buy that book
Julia discusses booktubers/bloggers publishing books 
Molly discusses the things that affect her book reviews
Tina wonders if she’s too old for the Young Adult genre
Asheligh wonders if the average length of books is getting bigger
Briana discusses if you can have a book blog that doesn’t post book reviews
Kei wonders if book blurbs are becoming a trope
Greg asks ‘When do you review?’
Shannon discusses if a ship can sink a book
Krysta discusses how she structures a book review
Amber discusses Authors responding to book reviews
Jillian discusses how loving to read has shaped her life


Shannon shares tips on how not to find inspiration with in a blogging slump 
Denise does the opposite and shares 7 tips on how to get out of a blogging slump
Molly shares free & paid resources for blogging
Jessica lays down the reasons why you should move your blogger blog over to WordPress!
Paula shares tops on how to write at least three posts a week
Ashley releases an awesome new plugin geared towards content upgrades
Melyssa shares tips on how to grow your email list
Ezrah discusses why she loves reading the ‘About’ page on blogs
Rachel shares 15 types of posts to grow your audience


Greg discusses what he finds is scary and what is not in books


Molly announces her new book merchandise store
Krysta discusses how we handle insensitive speech in the book blogosphere
Melyssa shares why having webinars is a great business tool
Jennifer discusses the magic of ‘me’ time
Paula shares what she’s learned about blogging from 16 years worth of retail experience
Michelle has a guide on how to start a side business
Kaylie shares 6 chrome extensions she enjoys using
Ellie shares 8 ideas for your bullet journal for writers


Denise shares how she edits her bookstagram photos
Tina lists the reason why she thinks Instagram can be good for you

How was your month? Did you find any awesome content you want to share? Did you blog a lot? Did you read a lot?


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11 responses to “October in Review

  1. Lys

    I love your wrap ups, I always discover new bloggers to follow, it’s so useful ! I’ve always liked Winter better (I can’t handle heat) and I’m soooo happy it’s finally there !
    Congrats for your cousin 😀

  2. You had such an awesome October–I’m so jealous of all the traveling I’ve seen people talking about in their wrap ups! It’s okay though, I just have to wait until December, and then I’ll be moving. I’m sorry to hear you got sick though–that’s never any fun!

    Here’s hoping the next few months are just as awesome for you in terms of books and blogging! Happy book-ing to you in the future! My October wrap up is right here! if you’re interested, but no worries if you’re not! <3

    • Haha no worries, I love to share posts that I’ve found really interesting 😀

      Yay!! Ee I’m pretty excited, I haven’t finished planning the months content yet because I’ve been a bit busy so I hope I can do more of that this week . I can’t wait to check out everyone’s posts!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Did I love Empire of Storms?My Profile

  3. Thank you so much for including my post! I love these posts. I now have lots of tabs open ready for a lunch time read and plenty of new people to follow!

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