I’m back! But where have I been?

1st March 2017
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Simply Adrift Returned. I'm sorry! I've pretty much been gone from Simply Adrift for two months now. But I'm back! But where have I been? Let me explain.
Simply Adrift Returned. I'm sorry! I've pretty much been gone from Simply Adrift for two months now. But I'm back! But where have I been? Let me explain.

So I’ve pretty much been gone from Simply Adrift for two months now.

You know, there’s nothing more I hate than when a favourite blog I’m following disappears without notice then comes back to explain why – but here I am having done that exact same thing. I now I understand how easy it is to lose the will to blog.

Let me start off my saying, I’m so sorry!

Then following up with an explanation:

  • I got really sick and spent a lot of time sleeping
  • Life and work got very busy and I became very stressed
  • The above two combined resulted in burning myself out and becoming unhappy
  • When I started to get back into actually being interested in blogging – My laptop died so I literally just couldn’t

And that right there is why I’ve been missing from the blogosphere.

Basically the end of 2016 was insanely hectic, on top of that I got really sick three times within three months and took a whole load of time off from work. I felt too ill to blog or read or do anything, so I slept and watched Netflix a lot. Christmastime was busy because, you know, it’s Christmas and everyone wants to catch up for a ‘Christmas drink’.

Brugges, Belgium

Over the Christmas to New Year period I actually went travelling. Which of course meant there definitely was no time to blog. I spent my Christmas in Brugge, Belgium on a tour group. So there were around 100 Australians, New Zealanders, Englishmen and other nationalities on this tour And it was crazy amounts of fun! There were only 50 of these people on our bus but it was actually so nice getting to spend Christmas with random people that also don’t live in the same country as their families. We were all in the same boat.

A big Christmas tree in a square in Brugges, Belgium I'm wearing a red jump with gold sequin stars on it as my Christmas jumper, on Christmas day in Brugges, Belgium Me standing in a cobbled street alleyway in Brussels, Belgium at Christmas time.

Paris, France

I went to Paris for two nights with some friends and took a looot of Eiffel tower related photos because I LOVE PARIS. And the Eiffel Tower makes the photos look so cool. I’ve been to Paris multiple times before but I was so excited to get to go again.

Also guys, whenever I’m in Paris I always think about Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.

I really love taking photos of the Eiffel Tower, this sunset photo is so pretty with the blue, green and gold colours Me doing the classic hanging Louvre shot in Paris A sunset photo of the Eiffel Tower with gold and blue tones.

Berlin, Germany

I then went to Berlin with my friends and did another tour with Aussies, kiwis and what not. And had a blast! It was suuuper cold in Berlin though so I definitely got sick again… I did a walking tour that sent us around the city to historical places regarding the war and the Berlin wall, getting to see Berlin in this way was so enlightening and emotional.

I spent my New Year’s Eve at a German Concert at the Brandenburg Tor. It was cold, interesting and fun. Minus the cold part. There were literally thousands of people at this concert, all of the artists sung in German so I couldn’t understand anything but the atmosphere was alive. I did get to see the Venga Boys perform though! For four whole minutes. And I’m pretty sure they were lip-syncing, but it was still pretty cool.

A sunset photo of the Spire - the TV tower - and Berlin City. I froze my butt off waiting for the sun to set so I could take this photo! Me standing in a cobbled street alleyway in Brussels, Belgium at Christmas time.

The sunset photo of the Berlin Spire/TV Tower was a photo that I froze my butt off to take. You can pay €4 to go to the top on the Park Inn Hotel at Alexanderplatz in Berlin which you can then see the full city from. It was such a cool view!

My friends and I went up there at 3:30pm however and then realised that we could get a really cool sunset photo from here. It was -5 degrees (Celsius for my American friends), which I know isn’t that cold for a lot of people in the middle of winter, but for me, it was freezing. I’m used to 0 degrees at the lowest… Anyway, we had to wait until 4:30pm for the sun to set before we could get these cool photos! I may have been freezing and cursing to myself at the time but this photo was worth it.


All through January and February I was incredibly stressed with work, there are a lot of changes happening so it meant more of a workload to fit into my already hectic schedule. I hated that I had no interest to write blog content or to interact with the blogosphere over this time, but now I feel re-charged and excited to get back into it. Sometimes you just need a break and need to do something different before you come back and get excited about it again.

When my laptop broke I was furious. Mainly with myself because I hadn’t backed any of my photos up! All of my travelling photos are on my old laptop which I’m still hoping to fix. So I hope there’s a way I can get them back. Now I have a shiny new laptop and I have every intention of constantly backing it up onto a new external hard drive I just bought. I won’t make that mistake again.

Going Forward

Going forward I will still be here and still post on Simply Adrift. But I am also going to recognise that blogging is hard work, it takes up a lot of free time, and I need adjust to this. I work 9-5, Monday-Friday (In a job I don’t feel inspired in, but I love the people I work with) and there is absolutely no time to blog during this time. I use my lunch break to go to the gym, after work I try and do as much blogging as I can but I like to be social and see friends as well, then on the weekend I’m definitely busy getting out and about, but when I have a day to myself I will often spend this day blogging.

To be honest, I felt like I was already not posting as often as I would have liked, but I have to admit to myself that I can only do as much as I can do. So I’m going to be posting less often because I really don’t want to burn myself out again. I’ll see how it works out.

How have you guys been? How has 2017 been treating you? How have your resolutions been panning out so far?



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10 responses to “I’m back! But where have I been?

  1. You went traveling! I’m glad that in spite of being sick and falling into a blogging slump you had some fun!

    And now that you’re back taking it slow is def the best option. I made the decision to change my blog name and redesign around Nov last year, but just now I’m getting back into the swing of things as well :3
    Pamela recently posted…5 Lies Bookworms Tell HumansMy Profile

    • Travelling is always the best! I’m going to Egypt in April 😀

      I love your new look Pamela! You have a cool colour palette and your blog looks really sleek!

      I’m glad you understand what I mean though. I honestly can’t believe I was in a blogging slump for SO LONG. But then my laptop died and I couldn’t blog at all. I couldn’t last very long without a laptop, I bought a new one that day haha. But I didn’t get it it for a while….

      I went on a blog post writing spree so now I have a months worth of posts scheduled, I just need to make sure I keep at it!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…I’m back! But where have I been?My Profile

  2. Welcome back, Jordon!

    Your travels look so much fun!!

    I totally feel you with the reading/blogging slump. I was gone for a month and only just started reading and blogging again. I think the best thing is to take a break or come back slowly so you don’t burn yourself out completely!

  3. Gosh, I’ve been in a slump too. It happens. It’s important to blog how YOU want to. If that’s once a week, that’s once a week. I only posted once this week and spent the rest of the time reading and blog hopping (since I was feeling a little left out of the community with my absence). YOU DO YOU. We’ll all still be here 🙂
    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook recently posted…Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall // A book that did it rightMy Profile

    • Definitely go travelling at some point! It’s so refreshing and just so much fun 😀

      I didn’t actually go to the Louvre this time around, I just walked past it lol. But last time I went to Paris I spent the whole day there. It was exhausting because there is so much to see. I did see the Mona Lisa. It was crazy, the hall where she is was, was packed with so many people trying to see the painting. She was behind bullet proof glass and everything. You couldn’t get all they way up the front to see the painting in detail though which kind of sucked. And since there were so many people it was really hard to actually appreciate what you were viewing. I would love to study the Mona Lisa in a quiet empty room so I could actually see this painting that Leonardo Da Vinci painted.

      I’m already planning my next trip!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…A disappointing read: FlashfallMy Profile

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