Ten Reasons I Love Science Fiction

7th June 2016
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Top Ten Tuesday
Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday

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I love science fiction, I always have. I’m not entirely sure when I fell in love with science fiction but as a little girl I would watch sci fi shows with my mum and dad, they also loved science fiction so I can see how I have fond memories attached to it.

My favourite shows were Stargate SG1, Andromeda, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. Over the years I discovered other shows that I loved like Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe (Mainly because it was set on a spaceship heading to corners of the universe that no one has ever been before), Red Dwarf, Killjoys, Dark Matter, and so many more.

And of course I love Sci Fi movies! There are just too many to name. Of course there are some I can’t get into.

1. I love science.

I went to a catholic primary school, I was brought up as catholic at school but my parents weren’t devout catholic’s. We went to church on Sunday’s but we didn’t say grace before meals, I wasn’t brought up with strict beliefs, I was brought up to be polite and understanding of everyone and everything. I was brought up learning about the religion, but at an older age I decided it wasn’t what I believed in. I will always be grateful for learning about it though, my school was quite strict so I know I walked away having learnt a lot about manners and respectfulness.

In school, I always loved science class because it gave me answers to things I wanted to know about, answers that were never answered by my teachers. It was only in public high school that I was taught in depth about how the world came to be – the big bang and evolution made so much more sense to me than ‘God made the earth and it’s people’ which is what my teachers taught me (Seriously, it makes me angry to think this is what I was taught in primary school – I felt very ignorant until I went to high school).

I fell in love with science and space.

2. I love fiction.

Of course I love fiction, I love escaping reality and being immersed in a world that is not mine.

3. I love sci fi that is set in the future.

I preferably love sci fi that is set in the future because I love to see what people think could happen in the future, as far as technology, culture, society and the world go.

I find it more interesting to read than books set in the past, I want to know more about what might happen rather than what has already happened. Is this ignorant of me?

4. The facts.

I love that sci fi has to stem from the facts as we know them. It just has to or it isn’t believable. I love that it’s rooted in what we know to be true yet at the same time it ends up being something that is not possible. Yet. Probably, maybe.

5. The creative imagination and endless possibilities.

Writers can create anything as long as the basis of the idea is comprehensible with science that we already know and understand. The unbelievable parts become believable if it starts off with fact.

It’s interesting seeing all of the possibilities that could one day come true, for example:

– hover cars,
– space travel in space ships,
– far advanced technology that perhaps today we can’t yet envision.

And then it’s just fun seeing what potentially could happen if the circumstances ever matched, for example:

– developing super-powers,
– being able to teleport – particles disappearing from one place and reappearing perfectly in the exact same form in another place,
– parallel universes.

The creativity that can come out of science as we know it is endless I feel, I love reading other peoples imaginative ideas and their take on what path the future may take.

6. The ideas that are far removed from reality.

The reason I love reading is to escape real life, to read about something that isn’t similar to life and really takes you on a different journey. So all of the ideas with science fiction that are far removed from reality as we know it today, are just so interesting for me.

I love sci fi set in space more than other sci fi.

7. Space is so freaking cool!

I mean how could space NOT be cool? We only know a little about space, we don’t entirely know what’s out there, how big it is, how it was formed. Space is an expanse of uncharted territory by man, reading about what could be out there is as exciting as it gets in my opinion. We’re still discovering something new about space every year, it will never be complete knowledge.

Knowing that my great, great, great, great x 20 grandchildren will know things about space that I never knew because it hadn’t been discovered yet, is mind bogglingly so cool.

I couldn’t actually come up with ten different reasons for loving science fiction, but I feel all of the above explains why I love it.

What does ‘Science Fiction’ mean to you? Do you like science fiction? Why or why not? What is your top ten list?

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15 responses to “Ten Reasons I Love Science Fiction

  1. I love what you mean about books set in the past, and it’s not ignorant at all. The second any book is set in the past I instantly lose interest. For all the reason you said the future is just so much more interesting. And it feels like there’s so much more room to be creative and to come up with all these different advances etc. What’s even trippier is reading sci-fi books from the past because then you’re seeing what people thought up for the future we’re living presently. Was that confusing? Hopefully not!
    Liselle @ Lunch-Time Librarian recently posted…Why I Love Book Blogging – Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

    • There is definitely a lot more room to be creative with sci fi that is set in the future! That is also one of the reasons I love it. Haha damn that totally could have been a point in my post! If the base of the idea stems from science as we know it now, then you can be creative from there on out. You can do whatever you want and readers will still be able to suspend there suspense of belief.

      I’m glad you understand, I have a hard time reading books set in the past. Unless its a fantasy set centuries ago. I really liked the His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFever even though it was set in the past, with a few historical figures that may have been in our real history, because it was so different and the woman didn’t conform to society, they were strong willed and kick-ass woman. They bent down for no man.

      However, most books set in the past and that aren’t fantasy, just don’t interest me. Time travel books for example, I have no interest in reading a book with time travel as it’s main idea. unless of course, the time traveller, travels to the FUTURE where you can already travel in space faster than the speed of light and the main character can’t get back to their time etc! I think I have an idea for a book now lol. If only I were a writer. If only I had time to write. If only I knew HOW to write amazing books, because that would be my storyline!

      Ohhh that would be awesome reading a sci fi book published in the past, that is set in the future, however it’s now our present day. Like Back to the Future! (Was that ever a book?). I totally understood what you meant, but I think my explanation was more confusing than yours lol.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Hyped up books everyone loves – but meMy Profile

  2. I’m not a massive massive sci-fi fan but have been reading more of it recently. I too really like space stories, I just get a bit bored with aliens (unless it is an alien who is basically just like a human but from a different planet. But anything green and squishy or with tentacles etc I get bored.)
    I really like futuristic stories too, love seeing how advanced things get in these future worlds. Super cool.
    Great choice of topic!

    • I love sci fi’s set in space and I love futuristic stories (for the same reason as you), but I too am not so sure about aliens!

      I read a book (Starglass by Phoebe North) where the main character was on a spaceship and she landed on an alien planet, for reasons. Except the aliens were pretty much human-ish shaped (not human ‘looking’, just human shaped) plants – They had slits for eyes and a mouth, the face didn’t even look like a humans. They walked around, the talked, they didn’t breathe or have a heart because they didn’t need to, and they hibernated in winter because, ya know, plants can’t survive the winter an all. Well, the main character FELL IN LOVE WITH ONE OF THESE PLANT ALIENS.
      It was a YA so there were no details. However I couldn’t get over the fact that she made love with a freaking PLANT pretty much. I couldn’t suspend my sense of belief for this one. I just couldn’t. It was too weird and too far out there.

      That book right there made me think twice about picking up a book with aliens in it. So I feel ya.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Hyped up books everyone loves – but meMy Profile

  3. Great top ten! I agree about all the future possibilities, i think that’s what I like most. I want to see a futuristic city with hovercars and buildings piercing the clouds, and spaceports w/ ships coming and going. And I love the idea of a galactic civilzation where you can somehow (hyperspace or whatever) go from system to system and see new worlds. Sci fi lets us experience that since we’re never going to see it lol.
    Greg recently posted…Game of Thrones- Show vs. BooksMy Profile

    • Yes! That is EXACTLY why I love sci fi too! We will definitely never get to see a world with that technology, knowledge, discovery or expanse of power. We will never get to travel space. We will never see another world. So reading about it lets us explore all that when we wouldn’t be able to other wise.

      I totally agree!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Hyped up books everyone loves – but meMy Profile

  4. YES TO ALL OF THESE. Science fiction is one of my favorite genres, and your list explains why perfectly. There are so many different things you can write about with science fiction, and they’re all so different and unique from each other. My personal favorite thing about science fiction is seeing what the future might look like. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3
    Zoe @ Stories on Stage recently posted…The Loose Ends ListMy Profile

    • Yes, yes, yes!

      I love the creativity that can come in science fiction! As long as the idea is grounded in hard science as we know it, it can then expand and grow into any idea. The possibilities could be endless! I love that all sci fi books are completely different. Different science, different ideas, different stories and outcomes.

      I too love seeing what the future possibly could hold, I also love seeing peoples ideas of what they think the future could hold. It’s just so interesting to me.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Hyped up books everyone loves – but meMy Profile

    • Fantasy is a fav of mine too lol, but I love sci fi’s set in space more!

      Omg, I LOVED SG1. I watched it with my mum, it was our TV program, so every week we would make sure to sit down and watch it. I was so sad when it ended! Then I loved Stargate: Universe (Have you seen it?), I loved it so much! Only because it was set on a spaceship heading to the outer corners of the universe. Season 2 was a tad boring though which was really disappointing because the way season 2 ended would have set season 3 up for being AMAZING. We will forever not know what happened.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Hyped up books everyone loves – but meMy Profile

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