What makes you WANT to read a book blog?

24th October 2016
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What Makes You Want to Read a Book Blog >> Simply Adrift
What Makes You Want to Read a Book Blog >> Simply Adrift

When you discover a new book blog, what makes you stick around to read their blog? When you follow a book blog what makes you click on their posts in your RSS feed reader? When you’re clearing out the list of blogs you’re subscribed too what makes you keep that blog? What makes you visit that blog over and over again? What makes you WANT to read a book blog?

For me, I find that I fall in love with a book blog for only a few reasons, however if they’re done right you’ve found me a reader for life.

1. We have similar tastes in books

If the blogger/s and I have similar tastes in books then I will definitely stick around! I feel like this is so important to me because if I don’t like the book content the blog is posting then I will never visit the blogs posts. I won’t comment either because I don’t like commenting on posts that don’t inspire a response from me.

Clearly not everyone has the same tastes in books, but if the blog also posts other content that I can relate to or I’m interested in then I will stick around that blog.

2. The blog frequently posts discussion posts

I love diverse content. I love it when a book blog isn’t just book reviews and book memes. I love discussions posts, I love reading them and discussing them. I love lifestyle posts, I love book related anything really. If a blog posts more than book reviews and meme’s then I will definitely stick around.

3. The blog posts consistently

By ‘consistently’ I mean at least once a week. Visiting a blog you love to read and finding they haven’t posted a post in two weeks is really disappointing! What am I meant to comment on?!

4. There is no meme-overload

As much as I love how meme posts help people find more readers, I get really bored when my whole feed is filled up with everyone posting the same post. I actually kind of dread the Top Ten Tuesday posts… I honestly don’t think I read them anymore and have to sift through them to find other blogs content.

5. Original content >Β book reviews &Β memes

There is more original content than there are book reviews and memes combined.

What else can I say? I like original content more than I like reading meme posts. As for book reviews while I do enjoy reading a book review of a book I’ve already read, I mostly stay away from book reviews for books I haven’t read and want to read, or plain have no interest in.

6. The blogger has fun writing their posts

By this I mean it’s clear you can see the blogger enjoys writing their posts. The posts are well laid out, they have feature images, the bloggers sense of humour can clearly be heard through the writing, they respond to their comments and invoke a discussion. I love to see the blogger in their content. It makes it a lot more fun to read.

Why do you stick around to constantly read a blog? What makes you want to visit the blog time and time again? What pulls you in?


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24 responses to “What makes you WANT to read a book blog?

  1. YES YES YES TO ALL OF THESE! I wrote a post aboutreasons I read a book blog a while ago and my reasons are pretty much the same as yours πŸ˜› Same taste is definitely my deciding factor too! I’ve stumbled upon some gorgeous blogs but all their reviews are of books I literally have no interest about and I feel unfortunate for not following them haha there’s also this blogger that I adore because she writes some great thought provoking post, but her taste in books are so different than me. I still follow here though haha and yes to meme! I mean, I’m in love with Top 10 Tuesday, but there are a lot of others, shorter memes that I don’t like. It feels like a filler post that don’t tell me anything I don’t already know, like cover reveal and such.

    Another thing that makes me stick to a blog is the blogger itself. If she regularly responds to my comment thoughtfully and sometimes visits me back, I’ll more likely to keep following. But those bloggers who never reply to comment, or reply with only ‘thank you’, hmm I have unfollowed some of them in the past hahaha great post Jordon! <3
    Puput @ Sparkling Letters recently posted…The Struggle of an International BookwormMy Profile

    • Filler posts are definitely a deciding factor for me when following a blog. If most of their content consists of memes, blog tours, cover reveals etc then I definitely wouldn’t stay around. Yeah, me too, if I discover a gorgeous blog that posts thought provoking discussion posts but we still don’t have the same taste in books, I will still follow them.

      I definitely think following book blogs comes down to what taste you both have in books. And then also what kind of other content the blogger posts.

      Oh yes that’s a good one! I too have come across blogs that I’m always commenting on because I love their posts etc, but then I find they never reply to my comments and I’m just like ‘What’s the point?’, if the blogger doesn’t reply to comments etc then why would you write the post to begin with? Book blogging heavily relies on discussion! You just feel ignored if the blogger never replies to their comments.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…The disappointment of The Rose & the DaggerMy Profile

  2. It’s mostly the blogger behind the blog that will keep me coming back. If they’re friendly and nice and we just kinda click, I’ll keep visiting even if we don’t have similar taste. But, if we don’t have the same taste, it is difficult when people only post reviews or memes since those are usually about specific books. It leaves me struggling to figure out what to comment on, though I do read and comment on reviews for books I’m not interested in sometimes just because I like to get to know other people’s tastes, be excited for them when they find something good, etc. But I have more fun visiting blogs and am more likely to comment in the first place or keep going back if they have discussions and *book-related* things rather than just specific books.
    Kristen @ Metaphors and Moonlight recently posted…Tag Post: The Halloween TagMy Profile

    • I definitely think if you LIKE the blogger behind the blog then you’re more inclined to stick around regardless of the content etc. Although it does make it hard if you don’t click with the content…

      Yes! I love discussions and other book or blogging related things πŸ˜€ I like it when I come across a book blog that posts more than just bookish content as well. Like blogging content (Like Molly), or design content, or coding content (Like Ashley) etc. It inspires me to write different content that interests me! I know that you’re meant to find your ‘niche’ etc, but I love it when a blog consistently has content that spans across more than one topic.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…The disappointment of The Rose & the DaggerMy Profile

    • I definitely love blogs with great designs. I always get excited when I come across a self-hosted book blog as well because it appears the blogger is a little bit more serious about it. And that makes me want to stick around to see what content they’re coming out with πŸ˜€

      Yes! I hate cluttered sidebars, it always annoys me when I come across them :/
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…The disappointment of The Rose & the DaggerMy Profile

  3. I completely agree! Creative posts and thoughtful content are two of the most important things I look for in book blogs as well. (Although personally I know I fail a bit at the creativity part because I have no imagination whatsoever… ?) Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! <3
    Zoe @ Stories on Stage recently posted…HeartlessMy Profile

  4. I definitely look for something different. I especially love original features! And I love hearing about bloggers’ lives too. Plus, design is a big one – if it’s a really nice design with lots of photos and eye-catching content, I am like 1000% more likely to return!

  5. Great post! When I first started blogging I tended to gravitate towards the blogs of approachable bloggers, who I could befriend and find myself a part of the community with. I think discussion posts definitely helps facilitate conversations and build a relationship between bloggers. Nowadays, I look for blogs that contain reviews or think pieces on books or topics I am interested in – I also like interacting with bloggers who visits other blogs, as I think communication between everyone in the community is important. I wish I had more time to post and blog hop, though!

    • Communication is a good point, I often revisit blogs when I KNOW that they reply to their comments and like to have conversations/discussions etc. It’s so important to feel like you’re being listened to as well, no one likes visiting the blog to see their comment has a reply but it doesn’t actually sound like the blogger wants to continue the discussion!
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…The disappointment of The Rose & the DaggerMy Profile

  6. I don’t read TTT anymore, either. It seems like people mostly post variations of the same books for each topic both on their own blogs and across blogs. I knew when I was still posting them it felt like “Well, what is the difference between ‘my favorite boos=ks this summer,’ ‘my favorite books this year,’ ‘my favorite books ever,’ and ‘my favorite quotes'”? If I read LotR, my favorite book this summer, now it’s going to appear on three “favorites” list plus since it’s my favorite book it obviously also contains my favorite quotes, my favorite characters, my favorite settings…

    • That’s so very true! I’ve never been able to put my finger on it, but you’re right, the content is quite similar to something they’ve already posted before. You definitely feel like you’ve already read the post.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…October in ReviewMy Profile

  7. I think variety of content is key. Book reviews are great, but if I read different types of books, than I’m not going to have much to relate to. That’s one of the reasons I love book lists and discussion posts so much. There’s more chance of finding common ground and having something to talk about. I don’t mind TTT, but a lot of other memes get old quite quickly.

    • A variety in content is definitely something I look for in a blog when I follow them. Especially if they read books that I’m not really interested in. If I see book review after book review of books that I don’t have any interest in reading then I often won’t want to follow them.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…My Favourite Sci Fi MoviesMy Profile

  8. I don’t really enjoy the memes as well. I like to look at the occasional Top Ten Tuesday, but I don’t want to see 10+ . That’s not interesting. Although, Paper Fury does a pretty good job of making her TTT posts different and they don’t feel so meme-ish (if that’s a word).

    Original content is the best, but I like to see stuff that varies from what everyone else is already saying or what has already been said. This is something I try to do with my own blog too so that may be partly why.

    I typically only read book reviews if I’m on the fence about a book, keep seeing it around but never really felt the need to pick it up, or if I’m curious about what a particular person/blogger had to say about it.
    Stephanie B recently posted…Publishing in a Box: October – PresentMy Profile

    • Paper Fury definitely makes her TTT posts a little more interesting! She’s very good at putting her personality into her posts.

      I love original content even if people are saying the same sort of things, mainly because opinions can vary and it’s always interesting to hear someone else opinion. Especially if they’ve put their personality into it.

      I wish I liked to read book reviews, but most often, I don’t. I only read them if I have something to say on the matter, or if I’ve never heard of it and I like the sound of it.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Sci Fi Month Wrap UpMy Profile

    • Being able to read how much fun and enthusiasm a blogger puts into their posts can be the deciding factor for me. I love enthusiastic posts! It’s just so much more interesting.

      I often struggle with having too many ideas and burning myself out trying to write them all so they come out all over the place… When I’m in a blogging slump though the ideas don’t flow at all.
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Sci Fi Month Wrap UpMy Profile

  9. Maybe I’m showing my age, but “easy to read” is a make-it-or-break-it issue for me. If I click over to a blog that is blue on pink, I click away before ever finding out a thing about their content. When I started blogging, memes served as a great way to find new blogs and new books, but I’ve become less enamored with them over time. I find that even with blogs I follow and enjoy, I don’t read every single post. I’m one of those people who only read full-length reviews of books I’ve already finished, and cover reveals and book hauls do nothing for me, but some bloggers who post all of those things also post really great discussions or reflections that I enjoy.

    Blogger’s voice is both hard to define and terribly important in deciding how much I’ll return to a blog.

    • I definitely could not be bothered to try and read something that isn’t easy to read. Blue and pink?! No way. I found a blog with awesome discussion posts but the rest of their site was so cluttered and hard to read that I haven’t been back since which sucks. How do you even bring that to their attention?
      Jordon @ Simply Adrift recently posted…Sci Fi Month Wrap UpMy Profile

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